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Sun Microsystems

Welcome to our web site!

LVN Systems, established in 1998, is a dependable and prominent computer hardware provider for all your IT solutions and networking gear. We strive to provide you with not only top quality equipment, but also the best service and support. We are a large stocking dealer for new, used, and refurbished Sun Microsystems hardware, and with over a million dollars worth of inventory in stock, we are able to offer you a savings of 65 to 80 percent off Sun Microsystems products. When it comes to IT equipment, nobody gives you more options than LVN Systems. You can buy, sell, lease, or rent equipment from our in-stock inventory of refurbished servers, storage, networking. Call us today to take advantage of the largest inventory, most aggressive quality control and best prices in the business. You can order from us using our online catalog, order over the phone, or  by e-mail at sunsales@lvnsystems.com 
  Sun Specials

Sun/Oracle   Sun/Oracle CPU's
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Sun/Oracle Cables   Sun/Oracle Rack Kit
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Sun/Oracle Disk Backplane   Sun/Oracle Removable Media
Sun/Oracle Backplane/Centerplane   Sun/Oracle Heatsink
Sun/Oracle Array Controller   Sun/Oracle Brackets
Sun/Oracle Memory Boards   Sun/Oracle I/O
Sun/Oracle Battery   Sun/Oracle Netra Parts
Sun/Oracle Netra Systems   Sun/Oracle StorEgde Arrays
Sun/Oracle System Controller   Sun/Oracle RAID Expansion Module(REM)
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If you would like to contact us to place a order through e-mail, Phone or fax please see detail below.

Our Worldwide Locations

848 N. Rainbow Blvd.#2207
Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

11 Hastings Dr.
Hampstead, NH 03841

Telephone: 702-448-2822
Fax: 702-448-1928

"We have it all" and what we dont have we will get it for you to make sure you smile!

Entry-Level Servers 
  Sun Fire V125, RoHS:YL (125) 
  Sun Fire V215, RoHS:YL (215) 
  Sun Fire V245, RoHS:YL (245) 
  Sun Fire V445, RoHS:YL (A77) 
  Sun Fire X2100 M2, RoHS:YL (A84) 
  Sun Fire X2200 M2, RoHS:YL (A85) 
  Sun Fire X4100 M2, RoHS:YL (A86) 
  Sun Fire X4150, RoHS:YL (B13) 
  Sun Fire X4200 M2, RoHS:YL (A87) 
  Sun Fire X4450, RoHS:YL (B15) 
  Sun Fire X4500, RoHS:YL (A76) 
  Sun Fire X4600 M2, RoHS:YL (A67)  
  Sun Fire T1000, RoHS:YL (T10) 
  Sun Fire T2000, RoHS:YL (T20) 
  Sun SPARC Enterprise T1000, RoHS:YL (SEA) 
  Sun SPARC Enterprise T2000, RoHS:YL (SEB) 
  Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 (SEC) 
  Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 (SED)
  Sun SPARC enterprice T5240

 Midrange Servers 
  Sun Fire E2900, RoHS:YL 
  Sun Fire E4900
  Sun Fire E4900, RoHS:YL 
  Sun Fire E6900
  Sun Fire E6900, RoHS:YL
  Sun Fire V490 2100, RoHS:YL
  Sun Fire V490, RoHS:YL (A52) 
  Sun Fire V890 2100, RoHS:YL
  Sun Fire V890, RoHS:YL (A53) 
  Sun Fire V880 (A30) 
  Sun Fire V480 (A37) 
  Sun Fire 3800
  Sun Fire 4800
  Sun Fire 4810
 Other Entry-Level Servers 
  Sun Fire V100 (N19) 
  Sun Fire V120 (N25) 
  Sun Fire V20z (A55) 
  Sun Fire V210 (N31) 
  Sun Fire V210, RoHS:YL (N31) 
  Sun Fire V240 (N32) 
  Sun Fire V240, RoHS:YL
  Sun Fire V250 (A50) 
  Sun Fire V40z (A57) 
  Sun Fire V40z, RoHS:YL (A57) 
  Sun Fire V440 (A42) 
  Sun Fire V440, RoHS:YL (A42) 
  Sun Fire V60x (A48) 
  Sun Fire V65x (A48) 

We take an enormous pride in providing our cleints the right products. We hope that you'll find something in our catalog that you like. We also can configurate systems to meet you buget and needs. call or e-mail "we are here to help"
We look forward to doing business with you.

We accept the following credit cards:

as well as wire transfors and COD

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Our Hours
Monday - Friday
7:30am - 8pm


9am - 5pm


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